DYP Group Talsande Provides Two fully furnished and spacious boys’ hostels on its campus. The basic purpose behind the establishment of the Boys’ Hostels is to accommodate the need students who admitted in various course offered by the different colleges at Talsande campus. The basic purpose for the Hostels  is:

  • • To provide accommodation to the admitted students with minimum rent.
  • • To provide them various infrastructural facilities.
  • • To look after the hygienic conditions of the students.
  • • To provide the required educational environment.

Facilities Provided to the Admitted Students

  • • Lodging – Boarding
  • • Medical Facilities
  • • Recreation
  • • Sports
  • • Gymnasium
  • • Library
  • • Purified Drinking Water
  • • Hot-water for bathing (Solar-system)
  • • Power generator
  • • 24X07 CCTV Security

In addition to providing these facilities, the administration has provided a good quality Mess at reasonable price .to ensure the quality of the food.

To maintain disciplinary and healthy atmosphere in the hostel, common rules and regulations are to be followed by the students strictly. The following are the Hostel Rules which are displayed both in the admission form and also on the Hostel Notice-board

  • •   Functions, celebrations, meeting or formation of any kind of organisation is not permitted without the prior permission of the Rectors office.
  • •   Students shall have to observe complete discipline inside the Hostel and on theCampus.
  • •  Hostel students are particularly required to maintain regularity in their academic life. Their failure at the examinations or irregularity in work may result in the cancellation of their hostel admission.
  • •    All letters addressed to inmates of hostel will be delivered to the office and the office will make necessary arrangements of the distribution of the letters each person should collect his /her own letter only from the hostel office.
  • •    A resident who wishes to remain absent from the Hostel must take written permission of the rector.
  • •    No student shall undertake repair work of any damage caused to the fittings or fixtures of furniture or carry out any alteration therein. He should report the damage caused to the hostel authorities.
  • •    Students shall be held responsible for the damage to the furniture, windows, doors, walls, electric fittings etc. and the cost of the damage and penalty as decided by hostel authority shall be recovered from them.
  • •    Wastage or improper use of Water, Electricity etc. is not allowed. Misuse of electricity is strictly prohibited and the defaulter will be penalized.
  • •    Students are required to switch off the lights, fans etc. in their rooms every time they go out or before they go to the bed.
  • •    Loss of utensils, if any will be recovered from the students on pro-rata basis at the end of every term.
  • •    Students shall have to bring their own mattress, bed sheets and blankets, mosquito-net, bucket, jar, tumblers etc.
  • •    Student is not permitted to keep guests in the room without the permission of the Rector
  • •    Visitors/guests should register their details at the watchman gate before entering to hostel campus.
  • •    Rooms, corridors and premises must be kept scrupulously clean and tidy. Dustbins provided must be used and waste should not be thrown out of the windows or in the corridors.
  • •    Students must not enter other’s rooms without official permission of the Rector.
  • •    Visitors are not allowed to enter the hostel rooms and hostilities should not take friends or relatives inside the rooms.
  • •    Every hostel student must carry his/her identity card bearing the hostel number and room number in which he/she is staying.
  • •    Every case of illness must be reported to Rector.
  • •    Hostel inmates must vacate his/her room within five days after his/her examination gets over. Under no circumstances he/she will be allowed to extend his/her stay in the hostel beyond five days.
  • •    Students wishing to discontinue the residence in the hostel for the second term must inform the hostel administration in writing before the end of the first term. Otherwise they will have to pay full rent and mess charges for the vacation period before the second term and their deposit will be forfeited.
  • •    Hostel and lock deposit will be refunded to the student, if the application with photocopies of receipts for the refund of deposit is made within one-month from the date of the completion of the examination of the academic year.
  • •    Disciplinary action will be taken against the students if he / she found guilty of wilful disobedience or defiance of authority or non-observance of hostel rules or mischievous and insolent or immoral behaviour. This action may be a fine, expulsion and /or forfeiture of the degree, depending upon the nature of the offence.
  • •    The students should stay in the room allotted to them by the Rector. They should not interchange their rooms without permission of the Rector. The Rector may shift any students from one room to another without assigning any reason to the inmates.
  • •    The inmates should close all the windows and doors and lock their rooms and suitcases before leaving the room to avoid possible thefts of valuables. The hostel authorities shall not responsible for the losses.
  • •    Students are not allowed to prepare tea, breakfast etc. in the room. The use of stove/hot plate in the room is strictly prohibited.
  • •    If the student absconds from the hostel, he/she shall not be permitted to stay and shall in future will be expelled from the hostel.
  • •    Ragging is strictly prohibited in the hostel. Anybody violating this rule is liable for legal action and immediate dismissal from the hostel.(Incidents of ragging should be brought to the notice of the wardens, rectors)
  • •    Complaints, if any about the hostel staff, servants, mess or any other complaint should be given in writing to the Rector. No one shall take the law in one’s own hands and take direct action. Mass agitation for any reason is prohibited.
  • •    Possession and / or consumption of alcoholic drinks, tobacco, gutaka, narcotic drugs etc. and smoking is strictly prohibited in and around the hostel campus. If a student is found abusing the above, severe action will be taken.
  • •    Monitory collection by the students of any sort shall not be permitted.
  • •    Hawkers, Salesmen etc. are not allowed to enter the hostel premises. Students are advised not to entertain them and do any financial transactions with them.
  • •    A grievance committee is available for the students for hearing their grievances and take appropriate action.
  • •    It is mandatory to follow the hostel rules and also the rules which may be implemented by the authorities from time to time.
  • •    It is compulsory to attend the meetings held in the hostel for students and actively participate in all the activities organized for them.
  • •    The hostel authorities have full powers to suspend / expel any student from the hostel if he/she is found guilty of any offence related to the hostel.
  • •    Guest / Friends/ visitors are not allowed in the Room/hostel campus without prior permission of Hostel office staff / Rector.

   The following facilities are provided to the admitted students:

  1. 1. 24 Hours CCTV security surveillance.
  2. 2. Basic facilities such as tube lights, fans and additional plugs in all rooms.
  3. 3. 24 Hours Hot water – solar water heating
  4. 4. 24 Hours purified cold/ warm drinking water
  5. 5. Daily newspapers and other periodicals are subscribed.
  6. 6. Cricket, Volleyball, Carom Board facilities.
  7. 7. Sports open Gym and athletic facilities are available.
  8. 8. Counselling through the Anti-Ragging Committee
  9. 9. The medical facilities are provided through the Health Centre
  10. 10. Quality Mess facility
  11. 11. Cleanliness and Hygienic condition in Hostel.
  12. 12. Wi-Fi facility.
  13. 13. Green and beautiful hostel campus.
  14. Separate hostel Security