A Career In Science After 10

The Class 10 results are out, and we hope you did well! Now, the time has come for you to choose a stream for +2. Your options are simple: You have to choose between taking up Science, Commerce or Humanities (Arts). But, it is the short term and long term consequence of the choice you now make, that makes it so difficult to choose. The choice that you now make can either make or mar your career.

So, which among the three streams, Science often turns out to be a hot favourite of several students and parents.

Must Have Skills for Career in Science after Class 10

A student planning to take up Science should have an analytical bent of mind They must be perpetually inquisitive about things like why the apple fell down on the ground They must naturally take a keen interest in solving problems, unveiling mysteries and deciphering the logic behind all phenomena. They must have an innate ability to draw a connection between the concepts they study and real-life situations. They must have the tenacity to work hard. And, they must be know all about perseverance; Edison failed 999 times before he actually invented the light bulb.

If this describes you, then by all means, Science is just the right stream for you.


*SET-A students are eligible for NEET entrances

**SET-B students are eligible for JEE (Mains & Advance) entrances

***SET-C students are eligible for JEE & NEET Entrance Exams

Between JEE and NEET, if you are not entirely certain, it is best to opt for Set- C. Students who take up this combination have more number of career options open to them.

Benefits of Studying Science

  1. 1.  Studying science equips a student with essential skills that make them employable

  2. 2. Students can opt for professional streams like engineering and medicine after the +2 level

  3. 3. A sound foundation in science at this level can help a student crack competitive exams like banking, civil services, MBA entrance exams

  4. 4. A student will be at an advantage to discover and invent things that would be beneficial to the society at large

  5. 5. Science subjects like Biology teaches us how living things work, Physics enlightens us with the working of the universe and Chemistry helps us with the knowledge of various chemical processes and how they can be utilized.

On the other hand, Humanities or Arts is a lesser known cousin of Science. There are very few students who voluntarily opt of Humanities as a stream after Class 12. Most of them are discouraged by their parents and their peers. Out of the remaining who still opt for Humanities or Arts as a stream after Class 12, do so because of they have not been able to mange a seat in either the Science or Arts stream.

Other Subject Options:

Agriculture Biotechnology Home Science Information Practices National Cadet Corps Physical Education

The availability of the above mentioned subjects depend upon certain factors like which school you are from, which board, your location, the year of passing, the demand of a particular subject in your area, and the availability of faculty. So, check with your school for the availability of subjects before taking a final call on your stream.

Most Common career options after 10th in science stream

There is no such thing as limited career options, and even if there was, that definitely does not apply to a student who takes up science after Class 10. All you need to know is where you are right now, where you want to go in the future, and what is it that you love doing. If you have clarity in these terms, you will always know what is best for you.

But not all have all the answers right from the start, and that’s okay too. Given below is a list of courses after 10th in science stream for your reference.



As per Government rules and regulations, on successful completion of the online application forms, the scholarships honored to the students will be credited to the students bank accounts directly.

Student Development Schemes:

For the thorough development of the skills of students the college organizes different programs from time to time. The facilites provided to the students are-

  1. 1)  Well equipped library and study.
  2. 2)  Text-book sets are given for yearly use to needy and intelligent students.
  3. 3)  Expert and experienced teachers
  4. 4) Extra lectures and practice tests for accelerated learning
  5. 5) Guidance for refining skills in arts, sport and cultural activities.
  6. 6) Mandatory CET cell for 11 th and 12 th science students conduct weekly tests and provide study material.
11th science students can choose from following subjects 12th science students can choose from following subjects
Group 1
  1. 1. English
  2. 2. Physics
  3. 3. Chemistry
  4. 4. Mathematics
  5. 5. Electronics/Computer science
  6. 6. Physical Education (P.E.)
  7. 7. Environmental Science (E.V.S.)
  1. 1. English
  2. 2. Physics
  3. 3. Chemistry
  4. 4. Mathematics
  5. 5. Electronics/Computer science
  6. 6. Physical Education (P.E.)
  7. 7. Environmental Science(E.V.S.)
Group 2
  1. 1. English
  2. 2. Marathi/Hindi/I.T.
  3. 3. Physics
  4. 4. Chemistry
  5. 5. Mathematics
  6. 6. Biology
  7. 7. Physical Education (P.E.)
  8. 8. Environmental Science(E.V.S.)
  1. 1. English
  2. 2. Marathi/Hindi/I.T.
  3. 3. Physics
  4. 4. Chemistry
  5. Any two
  6. 5. Mathematics         6. Biology                    7. Geography
  7.                                                                    (Marathi and English medium)
  8.                                                                     / Geology(English medium)
  9. 8. Physical Education (P.E.)
  10. 9. Environmental Science(E.V.S.)